printer rental Newark

printer rental Newark

Businesses typically rent printers when they want to use them for just a short period. It’s also possible to lease a printer if your current office-printer doesn’t have the advanced features needed to perform various tasks, such as a plotter for supporting large CAD drawings. Moreover, since owning a printer requires regular maintenance, going for a rental machine will, instead, help minimize overhead costs.

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What Are the Advantages of Printers?

Many people still prefer printed documents as they’re easier to read. Texts on a printed document have a sharp display. While the 3’s display on an iPad shows text with 264 dots per inch, a printer, even an inexpensive one renders texts with 300 dots per inch. Besides, most computer and tablet displays are glossy and backlit. That makes them prone to glare and washing out in direct sunlight. However, you can easily read a printed page anywhere but in dark places.

Also, businesses that need to produce documents in bulk will find copiers quite useful. All you need to do is type the number of documents you want to be printed, and the printer will do the rest. For instance, if your company requires hundreds of posters or flyers to distribute for marketing, the documents can quickly be produced by the printer within minutes.

What Are the Different Types of Printers?

There are three main types of printers, namely laser, LED, and inkjet printers. Lasers use electrostatic technology to produce superior texts and images. When a document is added to the printer, a laser beam proceeds to trace it using a special selenium-coated drum that’s electrically charged.

Inkjet printers are the most common types found in many offices. They recreate digital photos by spreading ink droplets onto paper, following the design format of the original computer model. These machines range from small consumer models to more powerful professional types.

LED printers use a light-emitting diode in the printhead to create images. 

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Maintenance Tips for Printers  

You should properly maintain your printer so that it can serve you well. For inkjet copiers, remember to clean the print head at least once every month with warm water. However, never use wet wipes or alcohol for cleaning since they can cause damage.

Be careful when replacing cartridges. Since you’ll be regularly replacing them, it's best to read all the instructions carefully — also, master how to replace the cartridges. You should be cautious not to touch the bottom part while replacing as that can spoil the print quality. 

Replace your cartridges before they completely run dry. Modern printers have software that gives notifications when cartridge levels are below normal. Take heed and replace the cartridge before it runs out of ink. Having a dry cartridge causes wear and tear on the printer head.

Quality Printers

Legend Business Group, Inc. is a trusted supplier of quality rental printers. If you need printer rental in Newark, get in touch with us today on +1 718 967-6900.

printer rental Newark
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printer rental Newark
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